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Welcome Fellow Travelers!

Hello strangers who have happened upon this blog! Welcome to Travel and Trinkets.

My name is Meagan, and I hope not to be strangers with you, my readers, much longer. I say this because there is no need to keep up a pretense of being strangers here. You have all stumbled upon this page (I assume) because you all have a love of the beautiful things this world has to offer. I too share this passion. This world is full of beautiful things in beautiful places, and what makes us so close already is the fact that we are the few that truly appreciate the world for what it is.

The world is an imperfect place, full of imperfect people, but we few still see this world as something to be cherished, traveled, and discovered.

Travel makes people citizens of the world instead of just one place. I know for me that when I visit a new city or a country, I feel truly connected with the people there. Every time, without fail, I start looking for jobs and apartments in my very low price range so that I might never have to leave. I can’t help it! I have always been one to fall in love very fast. It gets to the point where I can’t possibly see myself going home or making a home anywhere else other than where I am at that moment. (You should have seen me leaving Munich. It wasn’t easy for me…or my friends who had to drag me away.)

I am even in love with my hometown of Dallas, which is sometimes difficult for me since I’m a traveler at heart and am always ready to pick up and go. I suppose that people don’t have to be one or the other; we don’t have to choose between creating a life through travel or building up a life in one spot. I would argue that everyone is both, and the ones that haven’t gotten to experience the rush one gets when first stepping onto that 16 hour flight to another world, just needs some friends to give them a little inspiration and a bit of an encouraging push forward.


So please follow so that we might encourage each other, and share travel tips and tricks!



Hello Everyone! My name is Meagan and I started this blog to share my love of travel and of trinkets. My site is in the beginning phases and hopefully it will take off soon.

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