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Why I love to Travel

Traveling holds different meanings for everyone. We are all enriched in different ways. These are a few reasons why I love to travel…

  1. Traveling gives me confidence. There is something rewarding about going somewhere you’ve never been before. I struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and for many years couldn’t even go to a restaurant that I’ve never been to before because I was afraid I would look silly if I ordered my food wrong. However, when I travel, I’m forced out of my comfort zone and to go explore places I’ve never been and become immersed in cultures that are new to me. Traveling gives me the confidence to be who I really am and when I return home, I feel as if I’m not the same person as when I left. If I can get lost in Sydney, Australia alone for 3 hours at 1 a.m. and ask every single person on the street for directions,  I can go to Twisted Root and not worry whether they give me a silly name or not.

    If you can’t tell by the famous landmark this is Sydney, Australia.
  2. Traveling has the tendency to give me an open-mind. One of my passions is history and it makes me so excited to see history still standing in our contemporary society. It allows you learn where you came from. It also reminds me how fleeting our life is. Some European cities have been around for a thousand years. Other cities around the world, that I have yet to visit, have been around for much longer than that. Real people living real lives inhabited these cities all those hundreds of years ago. They were just as real as you are I and they made that city what it is. When I travel to Munich, I don’t just see a beautiful and lively Bavarian city. I see a city that has been built up over hundreds of years, went through great turmoil not that long ago, and has amazingly overcome that turmoil and created a city that I never wanted to leave.

    Munich, Germany
  3. Traveling gives me freedom. As soon as I book that flight out, I feel that overwhelming sense of “my job/family/school/etc. can’t hold me back from what I want.” I feel unconfined by city limits. I feel liberated from finances and responsibilities. I don’t want a job to dictate my life. I don’t want a role that society wants me to fill to be my cage. When I’m traveling, I feel in control. I feel that my future is mine and fortunately, I have a very supportive family and a husband who wants to get out and see the world almost as much as I do. I remember standing in a mountainous area (I’m from Texas, hills are mountainous to me) of the northern island of New Zealand and thinking how big the world is. I thought at that moment that I could go anywhere and be anyone I wanted to be. When I’m adventuring far from home I don’t have anxiety. I’m not depressed. Somehow, being in nature makes me feel like nothing else in the world matters. All of my thoughts drift away. To me, that is the best type of freedom.

    New Zealand
  4. When I travel I find myself. There is so much of myself that gets lost sitting behind a desk and preforming the same repetitive tasks for the profits of others. When I’m traveling I become a better me. I develop the drive to make my dreams realities, rather than allow them to remain dormant.  I’ve always wanted to live in Europe, but when I was actually standing in the middle of  Marienplatz in Munich, I realized that it was a dream that could happen. I made my dream of standing in Marienplatz a reality. Why not other dreams too? I remember things about myself that I forget over time. My love of art becomes overshadowed by television. My interest in learning a new language was pushed aside because of my endless ability to Pinterest (and yes, I’m using that as a verb) for hours on end. And my desire to travel is sometimes suppressed because of my need for instant gratification and needing to spend all of my money now. I travel so that I remember these things about myself. I loves to travel because it brings these interests back up the surface and reminds me what I’m missing when I’m drowning in all of the things that are suppressing my real personality.
    In front of the Angel of Peace in Munich, Germany.

    I’m actually lost in this picture. Everyone went into the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch but I wanted to explore. I walked around for almost two hours until I found my group! I finally had to sit down from exhaustion. But look how happy I look to have no idea where I am haha!


Hello Everyone! My name is Meagan and I started this blog to share my love of travel and of trinkets. My site is in the beginning phases and hopefully it will take off soon.

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