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A Few Tricks to Save your Dollars

I admit it. I spend a lot of money and I spend it frivolously. It’s fun! But, trips are expensive and sometimes these trips require CrossFit style money saving. Let’s face it! All of that loose spending isn’t going to get us to the places we dream to see, and when I die, I would rather have memories than a house full of stuff.

Here are some tricks that might help you save those dollars and get that plane ticket!

  1. Always choose the CASHBACK option. This is a new trick I’ve been practicing with and so far, I really like it. Whenever I am getting gas, buying groceries, or secretly purchasing a new bag, I always get cash back. For example, instead of my groceries being $100, it’s $120, and that $20 cash goes straight to my travel jar. This trick is a way to continue to have cash in your travel jar. I also find it helpful because it doesn’t make you go without. I hate saving plans that make me go without the things that I want. I find that when I refrain from spending from too long, I always end up on an uncontrollable spending spree. Instead, this trick helps you save money by just adding on to what you are already planning to purchase. Consider your savings another item in your cart, and it can be as cheap or expensive as you
  2. Replace your date. Planning on going to a movie, or celebrating pay day by splurging on a pricey dinner and drinks? Save your money instead! Take all the money that you would have spent at the movies and at the restaurant/bar and send it straight to your savings. Replace your night out by staying at home and enjoying your Netflix “to watch” list that you’ve been waiting months to start, or play board games with friends. Those nights at home with a hearty homemade pasta dinner and your besties might get you to your dream destination one day. night-at-home
  3. Treat cash like it doesn’t exist. (Treat it like it doesn’t exist after you have it in your wallet of course.) This tip #3 is the backbone of tip #1. Whenever I get cashback at the grocery store (or any store that offers cash back) I place the money safely in my travel jar (featured below). Whenever I get paid by selling my jars, or when relatives give me money on my birthday or on holidays, the cash goes straight to the travel jar. After it’s in the jar, I consider it fallen into the abyss. And it is so easy too! Consider your cash spent. You can’t use it cause in your mind it has literally already been on a hotel room in Japan, or wherever your heart leads you.
    I made this jar to help inspire myself to save all the money I can. Also, to help motivate me, I have placed it beside my favorite picture of me and my best friend as we made friends with cute puppies at Manly Beach, Australia.